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La Ila: viaggiatrice, eterna sognatrice, in continua evoluzione, interista. 20.

Praise the Evolution for bringing back Randy wearing a suit


WWE Fangirls when a wrestler is in nothing but a speedo : Oh wow, he looks pretty cute

WWE Fangirls when a wrestler wears a suit : HOLY SHIT my ovaries aren’t even on Earth anymore YOU ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD, please take me prisoner for 4000 years

“I love Randy Orton, deal with it.”

I love Randy Orton, deal with it.”

10 years later. The reunion of the Evolution

One last time…


It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s so hard to break somebody’s heart. What seemed like a good idea turned into the HIMYM finale.


Everyone while watching the How I Met Your Mother finale:

The writers:

First and last time we saw Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin


Randy Orton is the guy I will always love and I don’t even need a reason,that man is plain amazing

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