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La Ila: viaggiatrice, eterna sognatrice, in continua evoluzione, interista. 20.

Triple H: Brock Lesnar, you tried to end my career but I'm still so happy you're the face of our company.
Stephanie McMahon: Randy Orton, you DDT'd me and then kissed me in front of my husband, but I'm still gonna support you for some reason.
Seth Rollins: Dean Ambrose, I jumped off a balcony to protect you but I'm still gonna put your head through cinderblocks.
Me: WWE, you made me want to throw my television out the window, but I'm still gonna watch Raw every Monday.

Qualcuno è o è mai stato a copenaghen in questo periodo dell’anno? Potreste più o meno indicarmi cosa mettere in valigia?
[ anyone is or has been in Copenaghen in this days of the year? Could you give me any suggestions on what I have to put in my luggage?]

Female WWE fans on tumblr: I hate Randy Orton after what he said. I can't cheer for him anymore.
*Randy Orton comes out in a Black Suit*
Female WWE fans on tumblr: WELL SHIT...




Perchè si dice addio - Giulia Carcasi

perché eravamo uno pure se eravamo due

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